A guide to epicuren skin care products

Epicuren skin care products are made up of enzyme technology which improves firmness of the skin. Since enzymes are made up of proteins they act as a dermis layer in the skin. In addition, they reduce skin aging problems. Major product used in this range is Epicuren Discovery System. This system has six treatment enzymes, which includes a facial scrub, enzyme concentrate, enzyme gel, facial cleanser, enzyme conditioner and a moisturizer. They stimulate moisture production, resulting to a youthful appearance.

By applying facial scrub regularly your skin may become rigid and flexible within a few days. Facial masks have herbal elements which can revamp your skin color occurred due to sun burn. You can find amazing results on your face within a few weeks.

Nowadays cosmetic manufacturers make products based on skin type. For oily, normal, sun burn or liver spots different products are made. Generally liver spots arise due to excessive exposure to sun. By using epicuren products your spots can fade away. By cleaning and moisturizing your face regularly you can see the difference within a few days.

This brand is advertised by famous personalities. Epicuren skin care products are a bit expensive when compared to other products. But many people have realized it is worth the price. By using their products skin wrinkles can be diminished very easily. Some ingredients used in their products are silver which creates a healthy skin. People who are facing sun burn or wrinkle problems are advised to use Epicuren skin care facial products regularly.

For spa and bath items, Geranium moisturizer can hydrate the skin. While taking bath use aromatherapy bath salt that makes bathing a refreshing activity. Epicuren has skin care products for both teens and men. The products that it manufacturers are of high quality which can solve most of your skin diseases. Epicuren not only sells products to customers but also involves itself in advising people to take care of their skin through cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Epicuren also encourages people to eat healthy food that is rich in fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of biscuits and cakes.

Epicuren have designed certain skin care products specifically for children and toddlers. Epicuren baby gift set has three essential products for newborn baby. The box has daily lotion, diaper spray and baby daily wash. Baby daily wash is a cleanser which can cleanse the skin without irritating babys eyes. By using this product regularly you can discourage cradle cap and diaper rash. Baby Zinc spray helps prevent irritation such as diaper rash. Main aim of epicuren baby is to provide mothers and children actively healthy skin care products that protect and nurture skin.

Epicuren baby products are made up of highest quality organic ingredients and are completely free of unhealthy chemical residues.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Korean cosmetics companies provide skin care products that incorporate herbal medicine. There are nine Korean premium brands that use herbal medicine: Ziahn, Sanghwang, Seolhyun, Whiyeon, Ginkgo, Ge, Medicell AcStep, Herbon and Erkena. Herbal medicines improve your skin through the moisture effect. The herbal medicines also give antioxidant action and prevent discoloration for your skin.

One of the brands Sanghwang uses ten different herbal medicines (Phellinus Linteus, Liriopis Tuber, Anemarrhenae Rhizoma, Bletillae Rhizoma, Angelicae Dahuricae Radix, Paeoniae Radix, Saxifrage Stolonifera, Astragali Radix Schizandrae Fructus and dried Hoelen) to support women’s soft and smooth skin. Phellinus Linteus is an herbal compound extracted from a yellow mushroom. As the old book called Nonghwangrok says, “Yellow mushroom growing on old mulberry tree is the herb of eternal youth to revive a dead person.” It is known as the emperor of mushroom with its superior efficacy. Phellinus Linteus suppresses the generation of active oxygen and makes the skin young and resilient. Liriopis Tuber, Anemarrhenae Rhizoma and Bletillae Rhizoma revitalize and nourish the skin from the dryness and sag with the superior moisture effect. Angelicae Dahuricae Radix, Paeoniae Radix and Saxifrage Stolonifera clarify the skin from the harshness and darkness with the antioxidation effect. Astragali Radix Schizandrae Fructus and dried Hoelen provide healthy and young looking skin on the surface.

Sanghwang also uses a new anti-wrinkle components originated from natural crustacean called NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine). NAG has the excellent synthesis of collagen and cell propagation ability to give the great anti aging effect which cares not only fine wrinkles from aging but also the existing thick wrinkles. NAG can be used day and night irrespectively as it is safe from the light and temperature getting over the limitation of retinal, which is the representative anti aging product, and can be used for a long time without considering the validity as it continues its safety for more than 30 months. Sanghwang NAG cream containing Phellinus Linteus cares your keratin (a scleroprotein substance found in the dead outer skin layer) tissue gently removing dead cells and impurities without any stimulus. The cream provides Sanghwang capsule made from the 10 herbal medicines and NAG so that helps dry and sagging skin to be vital and moist while massaging. Their cleanser line provides the benefit with the hydrating herbal medical foam. Their fine and rich foam removes dirt, oil and make up from deep down in your pores and give fresh and silky feeling without any sting and irritation. Their cleanser contains amino acid. Amino acid will give an excellent hydrating effect which makes your skin healthier and more resilient. Another great benefit of their cleansers is kill bacteria on your skin by Herba Houttuyniae.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Looking younger with Red Wine

If youre into anti-aging skin care, then perhaps you need to ask: Can drinking red wine really make you look younger? There are some ingredients in red wine which are derived from the red grape pip and skin that would suggest so. Lets take a closer look at the properties of red wine and whether its consumption will benefit skin care and your anti-aging regimen.

Many people only concentrate on the outside to look younger e.g. Face creams, ointments, non-surgical facelift techniques etc, but the battle to look younger often is fought from within as well as without. In this case we look at the intake of red wine as a natural anti-aging remedy.

In the red wine fermentation process, resveratrol is produced, which has a high concentration of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals like pollution, sun damage to the skin, and damage to the skin and body caused from smoking etc.

Maybe thats why in scientific studies conducted between the Americans and the French have concluded that the French are generally far healthier than their American counterparts. While both consume high fat diets, scientists found that French people live longer , have less cancer-related illnesses, heart problems, have longer longevity, and look younger for their age. What is the common denominator thats consistently present in the French diet, but mostly absent in the American diet? You guessed it: Red wine!

Scientists have discovered that indeed the ingredient resveratrol has anti-aging properties, and can result in humans looking younger than their age with prolonged intake of red wine. Most of the oldest people on earth come from France!

Other than its anti-aging skin care properties, what are some other benefits of consuming red wine on a regular basis?

It controls cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure

It prevents heart disease

It prevents cancer

It aids overall health and blood circulation

It even fights obesity

It promotes softer skin

It prevents, inter alia, diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons.

So does white wine act as a similar anti-aging weapon? Studies prove not. Unfortunately the white grape does not consist of the same anti-aging properties as the red grape, so you will not gain any benefits from drinking white wine from an anti-aging point of view.

Remember, the deeper the RED of the wine, the better. A chilled sweet or semi-sweet red wine is my preference; a dry red at room temperature could be yours. As long as its a deep red, your anti-aging skin care program will be on track!

But beware: drink a maximum of ONE OR TWO WINE glasses of red wine per day. More than that will have the opposite effect on your anti-aging skin care efforts because excessive alcohol damages the skin and has malevolent effects on the liver over time.

So bottoms up for drinking red wine as an anti-aging medicine! Its deliciously good and will keep you living longer and looking younger as well as handing you a long line of health benefits, provided its consumed in moderate quantities.

Antioxidant Foods – Skin Care

Eating antioxidant foods is a great way to help improve the condition of your skin and boost your immune system. What are antioxidants? They’re molecules capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. They protect cells from unstable molecules causing free radical damage. Antioxidants are the body’s best defense to fight free radicals.

Free radicals are everywhere around us, in: alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, pollutants, radioactive material, exhaust fumes, industrial fumes, obesity, stress, harmful chemicals, food additives and oxygen. Our bodies are attacked on a daily basis.


How do free radicals affect the skin? They speed up the skin’s aging process by breaking down collagen levels and reducing oxygen levels in cells. If they’re not enough antioxidants in the body, free radicals can overcome showing poor skin conditions including: wrinkled skin, pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions, sagging skin, discolorations, age spots and other pre-mature, aged, skin conditions.


Boost immune system, assist in skin repair, strengthen blood vessels, reverse skin discoloration, reduce wrinkles and protect against sun damage.


Eat foods with antioxidants! Foods vary with antioxidant concentration. Those with vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene have high concentrations of antioxidants. They’re found in colorful fruits and vegetables. Selenium, catechin, oleuropein and zinc are other antioxidants.

ANTIOXIDANT FOODS (including oils)

Apples, avocado oil, apricots, asparagus, beans, beef, beets, berries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflower, corn, dairy products, eggplant, grapefruit, garlic, grape seed oil, free peppers, green tea, kale, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, nuts, olive leaf oil, onions, oranges, papaya, peaches, plums, prunes, pumpkin, poultry, raisins, red grapes, red peppers, seafood, spinach, snow peas, soy, squash, strawberries, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, tangerines, tea, tomatoes, tuna, whole grains, yellow peppers.


Eat foods with antioxidants raw or steamed, lightly, for maximum health care benefits. Do not over cook the foods. Eat a healthy portion and combination of fruits and vegetables, daily, to help you live a long and healthy life.


Use homemade skin care products with antioxidants. Natural goat milk products can be loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Goat milk has natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K! Other natural ingredients are blended with the goat milk to provide healthful skin. For example, grape seed oil, citrus extracts, green tea, and other ingredients can be added for antioxidants benefits. A variety of ingredients, with antioxidants, are used for making homemade soap, homemade lotion, homemade shampoo, homemade face cream and many other goat milk products!

Attack poor skin conditions inside and out! Eat a daily combination of foods with antioxidants and use natural goat milk skin care products! You can have beautiful skin!

African American Skin Care


Vitiligo is a common African American skin care condition where pigment cells are destroyed and irregular white patches on the skin appear. Many dermatologists think that the cause of this common disorder is an autoimmune process, where the cells of the body attack the pigment producing cells.

The extent of color loss differs with each person; some people lose pigment over their entire bodies. Some patients with vitiligo do not regain skin color, however some cases of vitiligo do repigment. See your dermatologist as soon as possible, as the extent of the disease will determine the appropriate treatment. .

Several skin care methods are used to treat vitiligo, but none have been perfected. Topical medications, including corticosteroids and new non-steroid anti-inflammatory preparations are commonly used. In cases where vitiligo affects most of the body, it is sometimes best to destroy the remaining normal pigment. A dermatologist can determine what treatment is best based on the extent of the disease.


When the scar from a cut or wound extends and spreads beyond the size of the original wound, it is known as a keloid. Keloids may vary in size, shape, and location. They occur more often in brown or black skin making this a very common African American skin care issue.

Keloids are a common skin care issue on the ear lobes, neck, chest, or back, and usually occur after an injury or surgery. Occasionally they occur spontaneously, especially on the mid-chest area. Keloids often follow inflammation caused by acne on the face, chest, and back.

Keloids may be painful both physically and emotionally (from a cosmetic perspective), but it’s important to address keloids primarily as a medical, rather than cosmetic condition.

Depending on the location of the keloid, skin care treatment may consist of cortisone injections, pressure, silicone gels, surgery, laser treatment, or radiation therapy. Unfortunately, keloids tend to return and even enlarge, especially after treatment with surgery.

Benefits of Rooibos Extracts in Skin care

If you have not heard about Rooibos before, that is probably because it is grown in a small area in South Africa – the Cederberg region. This plant is commonly used to produce the redbush tea (or red tea).

The plant is treated using oxidisation, which turns the leaves into reddish brown. Hence the name red tea. The color adds to the fragrance of the tea. Sometimes, the plants are processed in a different manner, which produces unoxidised green Rooibos. However, this process is more complicated, and therefore more costly. For this reason, green Rooibos is often more costly than the red tea leaves.

Rooibos tea is well known for having large amounts of antioxidants, even more than the popular green tea. As we all know, antioxidants help to get rid of harmful toxins in the body. For those who are conscious about health, drinking tea on a regular basis is a must. Rooibos, like many types of tea leaves, have also been found to contain lots of antioxidants. In addition, unlike green tea, Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and has low levels of tannin, which can be found in black tea or green tea.

Toxins are accumulated in the human body on a daily basis. Every single day, while we work and travel, we breath in or consume toxins unknowingly. They may be in the form of harmful gases such as carbon fumes (exuded by vehicles) or poisons such as pesticides. When consumed in small amounts, there is nothing to worry about because the body has natural defenses to fight against these toxins. However, if the level of toxins in the body is not regulated, the balance may be upset, which may lead to severe health problems.

Therefore, it is always wise to consume a moderate amount of antioxidants, which can help reduce the amount of harmful poisons in the body. The goal is to help maintain the balance and keep the body healthy. That is why Rooibos is fast becoming a popular ingredient in Western countries. Due to the high amounts of antioxidants in the leaves, this ingredient helps the body to get rid of stubborn toxins that linger in the body.

In addition, researchers have found that Rooibos helps to improve skin conditions as well. Besides being found in popular health foods, this ingredient can now be found in numerous beauty products. Research has shown the strong antioxidant properties the plant holds can also benefit the skin when included in skin care products. Asphalatin flavonoid content is said to fight signs of aging and have soothing effects on the skin for acne and eczema.

Here are some of the benefits of Rooibos in skin care.

1) The extracts is very useful when applied on the skin area to help soothe irritations such as itchy skin, sunburns, eczema, or acne.

2) Teenagers dealing with hormonal changes in their bodies may experience a more severe acne problem. Rooibos extracts can help the acne to heal and prevent the skin from getting too oily.

4) The skin of the human body is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment. Sometimes, it needs a little aid in healing. Rooibos extracts contain important ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid and zinc that is just what the skin needs to grow healthily.

In addition to skincare, Rooibos, when consumed on a daily basis, helps with digestion, and have even been known to relieve stomach cramps. Sensitive people simply love this ingredient because it helps them relieve symptoms that are caused by allergies such as asthma or hay fever. Since antioxidants help to improve the immune system, those who consume Rooibos find that they have higher energy levels, and lead a more active life.

This ingredient, whether in tea or skincare products is mild enough to be suitable for all ages and both men and women.

Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care

Are you aware of precisely what you truly seek to deal with ageing skin? Most of the people think that they know what ingredients are necessary in a successful skin care product, even though just a handful of these persons really fully understand more than what those cosmetics suppliers tell them. Its for these reasons all of the profits for a lot of unbeneficial treatments seem to be increasing every year.

Individuals are usually at a loss as to which anti-wrinkle product to choose from between the numerous various sorts as well as brands available in the market. It can be a hard job to find creams that actually give good results. The fact is that a treatment that works well for one may and also may possibly not work for a different person. The one that matches one right and delivers effects needs to be picked up.

Your body is based upon the foods you consume regarding vitamins and nutrients. If you do not have a solid diet plan the skin might suffer for this reason. Your skin will likely indicate warning signs of aging like wrinkles, facial lines, and also sagging as a result of free radicals from the natural environment. Sun-blocking is quite critical to all types of skin. The Ultraviolet ray from the sun causes skin cells to age. With the aging of skin cells, skin becomes dry, darken, non-elastic and also vulnerable.

Sleep is beneficial for the body as well as for the skin in most aspects. Your body generates melatonin when you sleep which is stated to be an anti-aging hormone. Whilst in the deep sleep phase, your system produces a growth hormone, which will help repairing destroyed cells. A great nights sleep minimizes emotional stress which has a beneficial impact on the skin. Stress causes the skin to wrinkle, loose its collagen as well as firmness levels faster, and also produces cortisol (which is a stress hormone) and even harmful neurotransmitters. Youve probably noticed lots of people get older well before their time and furthermore wear permanent frown lines on their foreheads, due to tension.

Physical and mental stress which progressively move along with years, increase the development of toxins in the organism resulting in warning signs of aging and also reducing the cell restoration. When ageing, the skin starts to reduce its moisture along with elasticity, thereby anti-wrinkle skin care should primarily get used. With the frequent implementation of anti-aging skin care, aging process can be combated and also delayed. Well before it becomes too late, anti-wrinkle skin treatment steps must be included into a beauty regimen as a way not to take this battle against lines and wrinkles and also skin drooping difficult soon after. Toning, hydrating and feeding the layers of skin at the base can decrease aging.

Before you buy any specific product, ensure it suits your skin type. Most skin lotions can be found for various kinds of skin like regular, oily, and free of moisture and also combination. The main difference with those are generally substantial since they all are formulated to specific requirements, therefore find the particular one that fits your skin with best effects.

Best Natural Skin Care Cream

Let’s face it, in today’s world so much importance is placed upon the appearance of our skin. Along with a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, most people still need skin care products to help them look their best.

On the market today, there are so many products that claim to be the “best natural skin care cream.” But how can you actually familiar which are the best skin creams and which are just gimmicks?

Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions so that you may decide for yourself which products out there really are the best skin care creams.

The most significant thing you can do is look at the ingredients on the label. You should keep away from products with ingredients in them such as alcohols, chemicals and fragrances.

Most probable the best skin creams will have keratin in them. This is naturally found in your body and is good to use in skin products because it restores younger looking skin and supports the body’s tissues.

Just newly a technique has become available, that makes the process of obtaining keratin much more desirable. It can now be extracted from clean wool off sheep that have been raised to high standards on accredited farms.

When looking for the best natural skin care cream, look for creams that have ingredients that help your skin to recover like elastin and collagen. Also look for creams that have grape seed oil. Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid and it contains natural amounts of Vitamin E. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps restore damaged and stressed tissue.

Keep your eye out for ingredients that block harmful substances such as Phytessence Wakame. Be sure the product you are buying has plenty of vitamins that serve as powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin E and CoQ10.

When you are looking for the best skin creams on the market, be aware that if they are not made of natural ingredients they could be harmful to your skin in the long run. The best natural skin care cream is just that, it is made of natural ingredients.

Put this to the test correct away. What you have learned in this article and read the labels. Not only will you save your skin but you will also save your hard earned money by buying the best natural skin care cream the first time around.

Ceutaderm Rx The Best Skin Care Line

A lot of people nowadays want to be more confident in facing and communicating with other people. In this case, being able to protect and give ample care to your skin is important, especially your facial skin. Remember that one of the best makers of impression to other people is how their skin looks like. Unfortunately, whenever a person is living in urban settings, he/she is more likely to be exposed to dirt, smoke, and stress, factors which surely make ones skin damaged and irritated. This is the reason why there is a need for skin care product lines today.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies today that offers consumers different kinds of skin care products. Such products are designed to address every skin care needs, such as toning, moisturizing, anti-irritant, and whitening skin care products. However, it is also true that not all skin care lines are effective. This is because of the fact that different people have different skin care types. Given this situation, specific skin types (whether sensitive or dry for instance) requires the right kind of skin care lines to be applied.

Different skin care types require different kinds of skin care lines. This is because specific skin types react to different skin care lines according to their formulation. In this case, the best skin care lines must be able to have the appropriate scientific formulation designed to address the needs of every skin care type. This is what Ceutaderm Rx skin care line offers to consumers.

Ceutaderm Rx ensures that all of its products are scientifically formulated to be applied to every skin type. For instance, its vitalizing cleanser and its refining toner is scientifically deigned to fit all skin types, but would be most effective to dry skin types.

In addition, Ceutaderm Rx also offers different kinds of skin care products according to ones skin care needs. People who need to have clean and refreshed skin all day is offered the vitalizing cleanser, designed to cleanse skin without removing all of your skins moisture. For people who want to have a refined skin, Ceutaderms refining toner ensures that it removes toxins and dirt on the skins surface.

DMAE/lipoic treatment is also designed for consumers who want to ensure that their skin will have reduced appearances of fine lines, while the 24 hour antioxidant firming cream and sunscreen is designed to provide 24 hour protection against sun exposure. For more information visit to our site at http://www.ceutidermrx.com

China Vacations Info – Skin Care Tips For Lhasa Travel

This article is about the Lhasa travel and you can find some helpful information in it if you are planning your Lhasa travel now.

Lhasa has a very high altitude and this makes the ultraviolet radiation very strong here.(closer to the sun than other places in the world) The skin protection issue in Lhasa is a big concern for most travellers. Here I will talk about the tips for your skin care in Lhasa.

First, you will need to know the type of your skin and prepare all the necessary stuffs for your Lhasa travel like: sunscreen,moiseuriz,etc. Second, A complete skin care process is helpful if you find some skin issues after the Lhasa travel.

Generally, there are three types of skin: oily skin,normal skin and dry skin. You should understand this concept first. The choosing of the right skin products is based on a good understanding of your own skin.

From the scientific researches, we know that the No.1 skin killer is the ultraviolet radiation. This horrible radiation will accelerate the aging of the skin. Lhasa is famous of its high altitude and dry climate. This makes the ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa much more stronger than other non-tableland places. The Lhasa travel is not easy and your will need to care more about your skin in this “roof of the world”.

Comfort is the highest priority for your travel. The loose casaul clothings will be very good choice for your Lhasa travel. You can wear a hat or bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa. Long time exposure in the sun will make you dizzy. Your skin will be severely damaged by the ultraviolet radiation and some travellers even got dermatitis here in Lhasa. Sunscreen is a must have in Lhasa and the SPF should be at least 15. You need to use the sunscreen to protect your skin that is exposed to the sun. Because you will sweat here in Lhasa, you’d better smear the sunscreen on your skin every one or two hours. Another important thing for the travellers to realize is the protection of your lips. The Tibetan climate is very dry and the lipstick is also a must have for your Lhasa travel.

In Lhasa, your skin will grow some flecks if you are exposed to the sun for a long time. The flecks will appear in the face and neck usually. If you find these annoying flecks in your Lhasa travel, the best way to deal with this problem is to finish a complete skin care process. It is easier to remove these flecks if you can do this repairing process on time.

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